7 Reasons to Bike & Walk Instead of Drive

Active transportation is good for your body and the planet! In case you need convincing, here are 7 excellent reasons to trade out your drive to work or school with walking and biking.

Four children and an adult smile at the camera on their bikes with helmets.
Consider biking to school and work instead of driving.
  1. Fewer vehicles in the school zone: Reduced traffic at the school site results in less congestion and safer access to the school for students who are cycling and walking.
  2. Reduced emissions and improved air quality: Fewer cars being used for neighbourhood and local journeys means reduced emissions in your community.
  3. Cycling and Pedestrian safety education: cycling and /or walking and with adults or older students not only ensures a safe trip to school, it’s also a great chance for children to model and learn safe riding and walking skills.
  4. Healthier children and communities: research shows physical activity improves health, academics, and attention. Active children are more likely to be active adults, and with child obesity on the rise, encouraging children to exercise as part of a day to day journey provides motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle. Children will also experience the health benefits which result from improved air quality and safer streets.
  5. Trips to and from school are fun! Children love wheeling and walking with their friends. It gives them a chance to visit and chat, and to observe nature and community interactions along the way. It gives them a chance to release some energy before class and wind down afterwards.
  6. Lower fuel costs: Local and neighbourhood trips previously taken by vehicle are replaced by cycling and walking.
  7. Stronger communities: More children cycling and walking through the neighbourhood brings a greater sense of community and awareness about health and safety.

Going by bike is good for you and the planet – if you have still have commuting concerns check this out!

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