Are you having a bad AIR day?

Did you know?

Williams Lake has a meteorological air quality monitoring station at Columneetza School. It measures the big 3 pollutants, particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10), nitrogen dioxide ( NO2) and ozone (O), along with current weather conditions (temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind speed/direction).

Local and Provincial data, with links to Smokey Sky Bulletins and Air Quality Advisories can be explored and viewed in close to real time here.

In 2021 the World Health Organization updated it’s Air Quality Guidelines to reflect the enormous impact air pollution has on human, animal and ecosystem health.

Provincial Air Quality Monitoring station in Williams Lake

Reducing ‘safe’ levels for most pollutants of concern, the changes are a reflection of our growing awareness around the importance of clean air to our physical, mental and emotional wellness.

What goes up must come down.

Have you ever noticed the air smells and tastes especially wonderful after the rain?

This is because the water acts as a cleansing agent and brings air borne pollutants to the ground with it.

Protecting Air Quality is important for protecting Water Quality! Soil too!

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