Climate Change

Although the focus of this website is the Williams Lake Airshed it is also important to acknowledge the wider implications of air pollution and understand that locally emitted air pollutants also have global implications. Climate change has been in the headlines for sometime and the scientific consensus is that human activity – specifically the burning of fossil fuels – has the potential to dramatically influence future global climate.

B.C. is taking the potential environmental impacts of climate change very seriously, to the extent that they have passed legislation legally binding the Province to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33 percent (based on 2007 levels) by 2020. By 2050 this will increase to a 80% reduction. In addition, by 2010, the B.C. public sector will be carbon neutral.

By following some of the suggestions outlined on this website you can take action. By improving the air quality of the Williams Lake Airshed you will also be helping B.C. reach its climate change targets.