Commuter Challenge

COMMUTER CHALLENGE 2016 (June 5th-11th, 2016)

Reduce air pollution! Save money! Increase fitness!

The Commuter Challenge is a national program supporting workplaces as they encourage their employees to leave their cars at home and cycle, take transit, walk, carpool, rollerblade, skate or even canoe to work.

To learn more check out the Commuter Challenge website.

To be included in the final results you need to make at least one sustainable commute during Commuter Challenge week; of course you can commute sustainably every day.

While logging see your impacts adding up. Tracked impacts are emission reduction, calorie consumption, distance and fuel cost savings

Results are updated daily so you can see which workplaces and cities have the highest percentage of healthy commuters.

To increase the fun you can also encourage your coworkers to take the challenge!