Healthy Kids and Air Quality

Active children are more likely to be active adults, and with sedentary lifestyles and the loss of interaction with nature on the rise, encouraging children to be outside and active provides motivation to lead a healthy life.

WalkingEveryone is exposed to air pollution. Children are more vulnerable than adults to health impairments from air pollution like asthma and other respiratory illnesses because children breathe faster, inhale more air per kilogram of body weight, and have developing organs and immune systems.

Healthy people are more resilient to air quality changes. Maintaining good overall health is a good way to prevent health effects resulting from exposure to air pollution. Research shows physical activity improves physical and mental health, academics, and attention.

Motor vehicles create more air pollution than any other single activity. In Williams Lake the air pollutant of special concern is called particulate matter (PM 2.5 & 10) of which vehicle exhaust is a contributor. PM2.5 is the greatest health concern because it is so small it can penetrate deep into the lungs.

Are We Driving our Kids to Unhealthy Habits?

Clean Air Everyday

CyclingChoose active transportation-walking and cycling is fun, inexpensive, and something the whole family can do together!
Air friendly driving- for trips of less than 1-2 km think twice before jumping in the car. Combine errands, cut down on unnecessary journeys, and avoid idling.

We all share the air ~ learn more and take action!