Industry & Business

Cooperation from the industrial and business sector is essential to improving local air quality. Improving your business or industry’s green credentials will also attract the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.

Williams Lake is a working city and many industries and businesses sit on the Air Quality Roundtable. Although regulated by federal and provincial legislation and codes of practice, many industries and businesses in Williams Lake have also made voluntary improvements to activities and facilities that impact on air quality. There is however scope for further improvement. One of the simplest and most effective measures in Williams Lake is to hard pave the work yards and parking lots that are currently sources of wind-blown dust. The surfacing of yards and parking lots, if kept clean, also minimizes on dirt that is tracked out onto roads: a significant source of harmful atmospheric particulate matter.

A lot of businesses and industries also have vehicle fleets. The Williams Lake Environmental Society runs a driver training program that educates fleet drivers on methods to reduce vehicle emissions and improve fuel and vehicle economy. The Society can also advise on E3 Fleet membership, an environmental initiative to ‘green’ Canada’s fleets through access to a suite of powerful fleet management resources.

Other actions for businesses and industry to improve air quality include:

  • Adopting pollution prevention measures and pollution control technologies.
  • Improving energy efficiency.
  • Switching to renewable energy sources and materials.
  • Using cleaner fuels.

Environment Canada lists a number of Industry Emission Reduction Options and B.C.’s Ministry of Environment provides guidance on industrial emissions. For more local guidance on minimizing the impact your industry or business has on the Williams Lake Airshed please contact the Williams Lake Air Quality Roundable.

Download pdf icon Air Emissions Regulation in the Cariboo – FAQs