Railway Ties

Atlantic Power Corporation, Williams Lake’s biomass-fueled electricity generation plant, is looking at burning railway ties to extend the plant’s energy purchase agreement with BC Hydro.  This page links you to a collection of articles and statements published on the topic to help you understand the application and possible effects on local air quality.  

Atlantic Power has (as of October 8th, 2015) applied to Environmental Protection to change their permit and increase the amount of rail ties they are allowed to burn. 

On September 8, 2016 the provincial government approved Atlantic Power’s Amended Permit 8808 under the provisions of the Environmental Management Act. The decision may be appealed to the Environmental Appeal Board if submitted within 30 days. The amended permit is available here.

Find a summary of the approved permit amendment here.

••• Find all of Atlantic Power’s permit amendment information.

••• Click here to read local citizen and organization’s responses to the permit amendment application. Note: this list is limited to letters cc’d to breatheasywilliamslake.org when sent to the provincial government; it is not exhaustive nor does it represent all letters submitted.

••• Find press coverage regarding the application and public reaction to it here.

••• October 6, 2016 was the deadline to appeal Atlantic Power’s amended permit. Click here to read appellant submissions shared with breatheasywilliamslake.org.