Teacher Resources

Schools can arrange, order or download the following curriculum-based programs and resources from:

www.davidsuzuki.org Grade 4-7 Nature Challenge curriculum from the David Suzuki Foundation.

BC Air Quality – Provincial Idle Reduction Initiative: Hub for Action on School Transportation Emissions. An online resource and networking centre, designed to help students, teachers and schools improve the health of individuals, communities and the environment.

Download A Teacher’s Guide to Clean Air PDF from B.C.’s Clean Air Day site to introduce Grade 5 students to important air quality issues.

The Clean Air Achievers Program provides champion athletes to inspire and instruct Grades 7 – 9 students to reduce emissions and increase physical activity by choosing active transportation. The program includes in-class lessons and activities as well as trip recording method.

www.greenteacher.com Green Teacher magazine and books provide practical articles and ready-to-use activities for students aged 6 through 18 to help youth educators enhance environmental and global education inside and outside of schools.

www.walkingthetalk.bc.ca Teachers can register with the BC Working Group on Sustainability Education, an on-line forum that connects environmental educators to each other as well as the latest innovations, workshops and programs.

School activities include:

  • Create banners to display outdoors for students to see as they arrive at school. Brainstorm ideas and slogans, such as “Walk or Roll to School for Earth” or “Save a Planet: Ride a Bike or Bus or Hike”
  • Create poems, catchy phrases, prepare posters out of recycled materials, write and recite rap songs, put on skits or design medallions to help promote and celebrate your Walking Rolling Days or other initiatives.
  • Organize a walking group from a nearby location (a local park, community centre, business or church parking lot, for example) so those living out of town can participate. Make it fun and colourful.
  • Hold a 6 week or less active transportation contest. Keep a tally of participants in each group. Create a symbolic award such as a golden shoe or a class certificate. Provide a green leaf for each walker to place on a paper vine or a paper tree. Ask local businesses or recreation centres to donate prizes or award an extra recess, gym or coffee time to the winning group.
  • Decorate and highlight your Best Routes to School or Work, chosen and mapped ahead of time as the best way to travel to and from school or work on foot or by bicycle. Visit the Hub for Action on School Transportation Emissions (HASTE) website for details.